Property Services

Residential and Commercial Maintenance – From spring cleanup to winter plowing and all the mowing, weeding, seasonal annuals, pruning and fall leaves in between. Complete seasonal contracts or just call when you need us for a specific task. Our staff has the expertise to handle your residence, estate, condominium or business large and small. Landscape – Our design or yours. From a single shrub to a completely new landscape, our skilled staff is here to help you. Gathering materials from the finest local nurseries we can provide you with the healthiest and hardiest plants available. Our landscape staff knows the right plant for the right place so you have the long term benefit of a gorgeous landscape that provides value year after year.

Construction, Fencing and Masonry – Walls, walkways and fences are the finished product that you can appreciate, but it’s what you don’t see that makes this crew special. If you ask them, it’s all about the base and drainage that makes our work stand up to the test of time. The quality in which these beautiful features are built ensures that these elements are installed right the first time. With natural stone, wood, metal or pre-cast products, this crew often works closely with the landscape staff to guarantee that your entire project is completed seamlessly.

Consultations and Designs/Estimates – Consultations are for people seeking professional guidance on their own landscape projects. If you have some ideas and want to understand what it takes to put it all together the right way, a consultation is for you. Consultations range from pruning help to identifying why some things may not be performing as they should. Estimates are for people who know roughly what they want and need a quote to have us install it. Designs are for people looking for an original cohesive plan that will add lasting value to their property.

Once an initial meeting has taken place and a budget is determined, the design process can begin. Designs are created based on several elements that include the architectural style of your property, function of the work and your personal taste. Designs can be either hand drawn, CAD drawn or photo generated. We can work collectively with the client, if desired. We pride ourselves in creating a design that will please our clients who wish to add value to their property. All of our innovative designs are inspired by the lay of the land as well as textures and colors that compliment the space. Our design styles range from modern to classic, with many in between. Once a design is set, work on the project can begin in it’s entirety or in phases. Design fees are based on the scale of the project. Some design fees are credited back to the client based on the size of the entire project.

Estimates are always free. Often technical estimates will include a site plan. Site plans are developed based on the scope of work. Please call if you have further questions about an estimate or a design.

The following is a listing of our services offered:

Landscape Services

ps_icon_flower -Spring and fall clean-ups
-Edging and mulching
-Landscape design
-Installation and renovations
-Seasonal and dormant pruning
-Arbor work
-Hydro seeding and sod installation
-Mowing and lawn maintenance

Total Lawn Care

ps_icon_mower-Fertilizer and Lime applications
-Organic lawn maintenance
-Mosquito and Tick control
-Soil test / Evaluations


ps_icon_chainsaw-Sloping and drainage repairs
-Field clearing and stump removal
-Road installation and maintenance
-Lawn renovations

Landscape Design

-Hand drawing
-Computer assisted virtual reality

Hardscape Services

ps_icon_wheelbarrow-Masonry, pavers, stone work
-Patios, retaining walls and granite work


-Pondless waterfalls

Fence Installation and Repairs


Plowing and Snow Removal